Luna all’idroscalo

Moon at Idroscalo. the idroscalo is an artificial lake near Linate Airport. yesterday night i went in Idroscalo for see Mi Ami Festival.

L'idroscalo è un lago artificiale vicino l'aereoporto di Linata. Ieri notte sono andato all'idroscalo a vedere il Mi Ami Festival.


6 Responses to “Luna all’idroscalo”

  1. lisi Says:

    Great view…beautiful reflection

  2. jean Says:

    I cannot believe how blue the blues are!

  3. Anne Says:

    Welcome from the Philippines! Beautiful photos you have here…Milan is one country I would love to visit in the future! I’m glad I could see parts of it as early as now through your photos 🙂

  4. midnitebara Says:

    hi ! a warm welcome from Japan. The reflection is like a firecracker zooming upwards to the sky.very nice!

  5. Carmen Says:

    Salve, Pasquale! È un lago molto bello! I went to Milano last year, but only for a brief visit. I loved the Duomo, but I didn’t see this beautiful lake.

  6. Fotosensibile Says:

    Molto suggestiva la foto, bello il riflesso!

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