Leonardo da Vinci

The top of the monument to Leonardo da Vinci, on Piazza della Scala.

La cima del monumento a Leonardo da Vinci in Piazza della Scala.


8 Responses to “Leonardo da Vinci”

  1. Kate Says:


  2. dutchie Says:

    Looks rather smug!

  3. lisi Says:

    great statue, I think i’ve seen this one..

  4. Carmen Says:

    I think he looks a bit discomfited, thinking that he’s not receiving a cent of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ royalties…

  5. fabrizio Says:

    ci intimorisce dall’alto della sua sapienza!

    bellissime fotografie

  6. Seesaw Says:

    Great statue, great man, beautiful photo!

  7. Who Assinates the Assasin Says:

    Who Assinates the Assasin…

    […]Leonardo da Vinci « Milan Daily Photo[…]…

  8. アバクロ パンツ Says:


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