Smart is very usual in Milan. Parking in the city is a big problem: there are too many cars and too few parking areas.


6 Responses to “Smart”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Parking, that universal problem. I thought in Italy you would use motorbike a lot, specially Vespa.

  2. krisz Says:

    pretty shinny! we have only ONE here and whenever it passes by, i go oooh , ahhh..I hope to own one soon 😉

  3. passante Says:

    Mi riccordono le “bubble cars” a Londra quando ero giovane. Sfortunatamente sarebbe pericoloso condurre una macchina tanto piccola qui a Washington DC.

  4. Pasquale Says:

    @carmen yes, italian people love motorbike specially vespa!
    @krisz it’s a beautiful car, I drived it (my friend have one). There is only one problem … it’s too expensive 🙂
    @passante ciao passante! Che bello scoprire un’insegnante di italiano a Washington tra i DP bolg! In America avete così tanto spazio che non servono macchine così piccole … nei miei viaggi negli USA mi ha sepmre stupito vedere le dimensioni di strade e parcheggi … e di auto ovviamente.

  5. Sarah Says:

    So cool! Thien took a photo recently of some here in the States, so maybe we will see some around here too.

  6. Rudy Girón Says:

    I want one.

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