Shopping Time

Lush Shop in Breara. I thought this kind of shops was typical of Milan, but today I’ve discovered that Lush shops are present worldwide! They are my favourite shops for buying presents for friends of mine(specially for girls)

Lush Shop in Breara. Pensavo che questi negozi fossero tipici di Milano invece ho scoperto solo oggi che Lush è una catena con negozi in tutto il mondo!


7 Responses to “Shopping Time”

  1. Carmen Says:

    I love Lush! The trouble is, once I’m in one of the shops, I feel an urge to eat the products. They smell incredibly, they have to taste good!

  2. andreea Says:

    lush is one of my favorite shops. i think it comes fro mthe UK … yet we don’t have it in belgium!

  3. santy Says:

    We have Lush in Jakarta as well 🙂 They smell soooo good!

  4. John Says:

    Yes we have them here in Australia too.. I love soap!

  5. Lynn Munoz Says:

    Qual’e l’indirizzo di Lush a Milano??? Grazie.

  6. Pasquale Says:

    Un negozio Lush è vicino l’accademia di Breare, un’altro lungo via Dante. Non avrai difficoltà a trovarli.

  7. phlegmfatale Says:

    Funny – scrolling through all your beautiful photographs, I saw this one and thought, “Wow, that looks just like the Lush shop in Dallas!” Small world!

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